How to charge any device while in your car

How to charge any device while in your car

Posted by Tehillah Mwakalombe on 8th Feb 2024

These days it’s hard to imagine taking a long drive without having a car charger available to keep the battery in your cell phone constantly charged up…But what about your laptop? 

While some modern laptops can be charged with a standard USB-type car charger and a compatible cable, there are plenty of others that can only be charged using the AC power pack that comes with the laptop.

Electronics retailers do sell car chargers that work with a number of popular laptops brands and models, but not all. Additionally, choosing the right car charger for a specific laptop can be quite difficult.

Luckily, there’s a very simple (and much more flexible) solution…Get yourself an inexpensive Baseus Multifunctional In-car Power Supply Station for only K1,250! and you’ll be able to charge basically any laptop while driving down the road in your vehicle.

Just plug the inverter into your vehicle’s 12V “Accessories” socket (what some people also refer to as the “cigarette lighter socket”) and then plug the laptop’s AC power brick into the inverter. just like that!

By the way, this accessory also had a USB charging port and a type C charging port in addition to the two 120VAC ports. That means you’ll be able to charge your laptop plus a couple of mobile devices at the same time.

And here’s one more little bonus for you…That same supply station can also power most any small AC appliance that doesn’t draw more power than the inverter can safely supply. It isn’t strictly for use with laptops!

Just be aware that you’ll be limited to running appliances that draw 150 watts or less while the inverter is plugged into the Accessories socket since a larger power draw would cause the Accessory circuit’s fuse to blow.

If you want this device, simply click this and you’ll be directed to our website and you can purchase your own and have it delivered to you anywhere in Zambia for free!


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